Chengdu Maike Electrenic, Industrial Company lid. a member-enterprise of The Association of Electrie,Appliances Industry in China,has been ingagingspecially in developing and manufacturing of the capacitors applied to the electrical apparatus.Many products developed by our company have got the National Patents,such as CV 8G -type and CB 8G -type high-frequence,high-voltage,high-power capacitors as well as CS-type large-current high-frequency resonance condensers. Having applied to a lot of electro-industrial equipments,like high-frequency induction heating apparatus,superaudioequipments,high-power broadcast transmitter installations,high-frequency irradiation source devices and so on,the abote-mentioned products have possessed high performance and have achiered the trust from customers at home and abroad.Because of the high performance and quality,they are recommended to the numerous purchasers by the Association of Electric Appliances Industry of China.
 Particularly,thes two kinds of products,i.e.,CS-type high-frequence resonance capacitors of large electricity and high-frequence high-power filter copacitor,have been widely applying to the high-frequency induction heating devices of high-powet solid-state (semiconductor) domestically and orerseas.Owing to their super quality and competitive price and steady function,they are praised highly by a lot of users.These products made in China genuinely.
 The Tech-Developing Department of our company could research and produce the exceptional cpracitors as the ranuests of customers.
 In our sales department,you will purchase all kinds of high-fraquence appliances and their fittings as the following vacuum tube capacitors,moninductive resistance,silicon control,silicon controlled rectifier,saw bit of steel pipe,welding magnetic bar,and so on.We will provide the messages from the high-frequence equipment factories at home to customers freely.
 We,Chengdu Maike Company,will keep forging ahead forever,and willtry our best to supply the more and better capacitors and to satisfy the need of purchasers throughout the country as most as we can.


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